Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S
Product Description: SFP - GE/1G-FC/2G-FC - 850nm - MM - LC
Shipping: Typically ships within 2-3 days
Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty
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OEM and 3rd Party Cisco 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S

Yes, transceivers are small, but they're an important component in your network. What's more? Since so many of them are ordered in bulk, the savings available through MULTI-LINK can add-up quickly, and the 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S is no exception.

That said, savings don't add-up to anything without guaranteed compatibility! Customers are rightly concerned with the seemingly endless supply of counterfeit transceivers coming from overseas, some of which can damage your equipment or "freeze" individual components within your network.

MULTI-LINK (MLCP) has never and will never pursue the "quick buck" by working with an unknown transceiver supplier, and that principle has helped pave the way for transitioning so many of our customers from OEM or “Manufacturer-labeled” to 3rd Party 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S transceivers. The original equipment manufacturer might try to tell you otherwise, but we can guarantee compatibility with 3rd Party transceivers (i.e. properly coded EEPROMs). In fact, we can either guarantee that an individual 3rd Party 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S option will work in the OEM equipment in question, or we simply won't sell it, period!

Want more assurance? We'll send samples for your test & evaluation with no obligation whatsoever.

To be sure, if you prefer a manufacturer-labeled new or refurbished 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S, we are happy to assist, and we can typically do so at a considerable savings. However, we have an ever-expanding international base of happy 3rd Party GBIC and SFP customers, all saving significantly over even the largest factory discounts. We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss and explore this option with your company. Perhaps your 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S interest provides an opening for such a discussion.

MULTI-LINK offers a Lifetime warranty on most transceivers we provide, regardless of new or used, and regardless of manufacturer-labeled or 3rd Party. That's how confident we are in all the transceivers we provide!

If you would like a quotation for a new or used 15454E-SFP-GEFC-S, please feel free to select "Request a Quote" here now. Or, if you would like to speak with us directly, please call 1-800 TO MULTI (866-8584).

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