Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: PVDM2-48
Product Description: 48-Channel Packet Voice/Fax DSP Module
Shipping: Typically ships within 2-3 days
Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty
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Pre-Owned, Used And Refurbished Cisco PVDM2-48

The Cisco PVDM2-48 is a 48-channel High-Density Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Module (PVDM2) that enables Cisco Integrated Services Routers to provide high-density voice connectivity, conferencing, and transcoding capabilities in Cisco IP Communications solutions. Cisco Integrated Services Routers provide enterprises and service providers with a toll bypass solution by connecting their existing telephony equipment (such as key systems, private branch exchanges [PBXs], fax machines, and analog telephones) to a toll-free data network. Then eventually migrating customers to Cisco AVVID Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data IP telephony solutions. The PVDM2-48 is the higher mid-range version of five available Voice DSP modules with, as stated earlier, a full forty-eight channels. There is an eight channel version, 16-channel, and 32-channel as well as one higher performing version with 64 channels. The PVDM2-48 has three DSPs and offers eighteen maximum number of channels in High-Complexity Codecs as well as 24 maximum number of channels in Medium-Complexity Codecs.

With a reputation built upon providing heavily discounted refurbished equipment in particular, MLCP knows that delivering quality hardware to our customers is perhaps more important than cost savings or quick delivery. All used and pre-owned equipment is tested upon receipt at our facility - and again before shipment - to factory specifications, and your Cisco PVDM2-48 purchase is guaranteed with our standard 1 year advanced-replacement warranty.

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General Information
Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: PVDM2-48
Product Description: 48-Channel Packet Voice/Fax DSP Module
Product Type: PVDM
Marketing Information

PVDM2 Packet Fax/Voice DSP module used with IP Communications High-Density Digital Voice/Fax Network Module. The DSPs on the PVDM2s can be shared across multiple IP Communications High-Density Digital Voice/Fax Network Modules installed on a voice gateway router.

Technical Information
Application/Usage: Voice
Additional Information:
  • Max Channels for High Complexity : 18
  • Max Channels for Medium Complexity : 24
  • Range of Channels for Flexi Complexity : 18 - 48
  • High-complexity vocoders supported: G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, G.728, GSM-EFR and Fax Relay
  • Medium-complexity vocoders supported: G.711, G.726, G.729a, GSM and Fax Relay
  • Flexi vocoders supported: G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, G.728, and Fax Relay (number of channels depends on codec selected).
  • NM-HDV2
  • NM-HDV2-1T1/E1
  • NM-HDV2-2T1/E1

Platforms Supported:

  • 2600XM series
  • 2691
  • 3700
  • 3660
  • 3640
  • 3631

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