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In the past 20 years, we've become the leading alternative source for networking hardware. MULTI-LINK Communications Products, established in 1995, provides companies with an alternative source for enterprise networking equipment, such as routers and switches, from the industry's leading manufacturers. Specializing in refurbished equipment, we help our customers meet their delivery targets while lowering their network equipment costs.

We're Your Safety Net
When your local VAR or even the manufacturer can't deliver in within your time frame, we help by giving you a second option-- a back-up source-- to still meet your deadlines. Our west coast shipping facility allows for the latest possible shipping departure and our large inventory means most items are already in stock.

Options That Fit Your Budget
When you encounter a project that extends beyond your budget, our specialty in refurbished equipment will help you reduce costs. Customers regularly save tens of thousands of dollars by coming to us.

Even the Big Guys Buy From Us
Some of the largest companies in the world regularly turn to MULTI-LINK, including those companies with "umbrella" purchasing agreements and greater than 50% discounts! They typically call on us for one of three reasons:

  • To supply hard-to-find (either new, used or "end-of-life") products on very short notice.
  • To supply refurbished equipment at discounts of 50-85% off list.
  • To buy-back their surplus or off-line equipment.

In fact, the overwhelming number of "first" orders from our customers were for instances when factory lead-times were unacceptable, and we could find the required product - somewhere - and ship in a couple of days, instead of weeks (or months). Other times, the driving force behind the initial customer inquiry was the dollar savings associated with refurbished equipment.

Whatever the reason, what customers remember most is our ability to "deliver" when they thought they were out of options. Let us quote your next equipment requirement and illustrate how MULTI-LINK can be a valuable "alternative" resource for your company as well.

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