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Protect yourself with MULTI-LINK's Lifetime Warranty

Have reservations about buying refurbished equipment? Or concerns about buying new equipment if itís not directly from the manufacturer's supply chain? Of course you could save money, but will it be worth it if something goes wrong? Worried that you'll shell out more to replace the hardware and lose revenue during down time?

Well, don't. We get it.

And we've got you covered.

Our no-hassle, Lifetime Warranty* on new and pre-owned equipment guarantees that any product you purchase from us will be repaired or replaced if something goes wrong, for as long as you own it.

While many of the industry's leading manufacturers still offer only 90-day warranties on new components, here at MULTI-LINK, we have tremendous faith in our rigorous testing standards and stand behind every product we sellónew or used, current or obsolete, regardless of the manufacturer.

Our Lifetime Warranty sets the standard and demonstrates our commitment to quality.

* some restrictions apply. For our complete warranty policy, View Restrictions