Cisco 8500 Series Memory

The Cisco Catalyst 8500 is a Layer 3-enhanced ATM switch that delivers campus and metropolitan network solutions with scalable performance, lower cost of ownership, and intranet-based application features to deliver increased business productivity. You can lower operating costs further by turning to Cisco Memory components to extend the life of your 8500 series switch.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
C85-SIMM-16MB 8-to-16MB Flash Upgrade for the Catalyst 8500 Series (spare) Add
MEM-8540M-FLC20M 8540MSR 20MB PC Flash Memory Card w/ default SW (spare) Add
MEM-ASP-32M LightStream 1010 32 MB DRAM Add
MEM-ASP-64M LightStream 1010 64 MB DRAM Add
MEM-ASP-FLC16M C8500/LS1010 PCMCIA Flash Memory Card 16 MB (spare) Add
MEM-ASP-FLC20M C8500/LS1010 PCMCIA Flash Memory Card 20 MB (spare) Add
MEM-ASP-FLC8M C8500/LS1010 PCMCIA Flash Memory Card 8 MB (spare) Add
MEM-ASP-FLD48M Catalyst 8540 PC Flash Disk, 48MB (spare) Add