Cisco AS5350 Series Memory

Product ID Description Add to Quote
MEM-1024M-AS5XM AS5350XM and AS5400XM 1GB Main SDRAM Add
MEM-128CF-AS5XM AS5350XM and AS5400XM 128M Compact Flash Add
MEM-128M-AS535 AS5350 128MB Main SDRAM Add
MEM-128S-AS535 AS5350 128MB Shared I/O upgrade Add
MEM-16BF-AS535 AS5350 16MB Boot Flash upgrade Add
MEM-256M-AS535 AS5350 256MB Main SDRAM Add
MEM-32F-AS535 AS5350 32MB System Flash Add
MEM-512M-AS5XM AS5350XM and AS5400XM 512MB Main SDRAM Add
MEM-64F-AS535 AS5350 64MB System Flash upgrade Add
MEM-64S-AS535 AS5350 64MB Shared I/O Add
MEM-8BF-AS54 AS5400 8MB Boot Flash Add
MEM-UP1-AS535 16M Bootflash,64M System Flash,256M Main,128M Shared I/O Mem Add