Cisco ME 4900 Ethernet Series Switches

Designed for service providers offering triple-play services to residential customers, the Cisco ME 4900 series Ethernet switches deliver on performance and availability. Compact, energy-efficient ME 4900 Ethernet series switches, when purchased from MULTI-LINK, offer cutting edge wire-speed performance of 48 Gbps and 71 million packets per second and innovative security features. Contact us to learn more about how new or refurbished ME 4900 Ethernet switches enhance high-performance Carrier Ethernet networks.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
C4948-ACC-KIT Spare rack-mount and cable guide Add
C4948-BKT-KIT C4900 front and rear mount brackets Add
ME-4924-10GE Cisco ME 4924-10GE, IP Base software image (RIP, static routes), no power supply, fan tray Add