Cisco 4000 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 4000 series are cost-effective, modular chassis designed to integrate today's required wiring closet features & performances. Catalyst 4000 Series switches and insert-modules are available pre-owned & refurbished through MULTI-LINK. Contact us to find out how much you can save by purchasing Cisco Catalyst 4000 series switches and accessories through us.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
CWDM-CHASSIS-2 2 Slot Chassis for CWDM Mux Plug in Modules Add
CWDM-MUX8A 8-channels CWDM MUX/DEMUX Module Add
WS-C4003 Catalyst 4000 Chassis (3-Slot),Single AC Power Supply(Spare) Add
WS-C4003-S1 Cat4000 Chassis(3-slot), Supervisor,1 AC PS, Fan Tray Add
WS-C4003-S1-82 Cisco Cat4003 chassis, AC P/S,SupI,80 10/100+2GE Add
WS-C4003-S1-DC Catalyst 4000 Chassis (3-Slot), Supervisor I, 1 DC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4006 Catalyst 4006 Chassis (6-Slot), 2 AC PS, Fan Tray (Spare) Add
WS-C4006-S2 Catalyst 4000 Chassis (6-Slot),Suprvsr II,(2)AC PS, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S2+ Catalyst 4000 Chassis (6-Slot),Suprvsr II+, (2)AC PS, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S2+-DC Catalyst 4000 Chassis (6-Slot),Suprvsr II+, (2)DC PS, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S2-DC Catalyst 4000 Chassis(6-Slot),SupII w/2 GE, 2 DC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S3 Catalyst 4000 Chassis(6-Slot),SupIII w/2 GE, 2 AC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S3-DC Catalyst 4000 Chassis(6-Slot),SupIII w/2 GE, 2 DC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S4 Catalyst 4000 Chassis(6-Slot),SupIV w/2 GE, 2 AC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4006-S4-DC Catalyst 4000 Chassis(6-Slot),SupIV w/2 GE, 2 DC P/S, Fans Add
WS-C4224V-8FXS Catalyst 4224 Voice Gateway Switch Add
WS-C4908G-L3 Cisco Catalyst 4908 Switch Add
WS-C4912G Catalyst Gigabit Ethernet Switch, 12-1000BaseX (GBIC slots) Add
WS-P4603-2PSU Catalyst 4000 Aux. Power Shelf (3 slot), inc. two WS-X4608 Add
WS-U4504-FX-MT Catalyst 4500 4-port 100FX(MTRJ) Uplink for WS-X4232-RJ-XX Add
WS-U4604-8FXS Catalyst 4000 AGM 8-port RJ21 FXS module Add
WS-U4604-DSP Catalyst 4000 DSP Set, 4x6 SIMMs for AGM Add
WS-U4604-ESA Catalyst 4000 AGM Integrated Service Adapter Add
WS-X4004 Catalyst 4003 Fan Tray (Spare) Add
WS-X4005 Catalyst 4006 Fan Tray (Spare) Add
WS-X4008 Catalyst 4000 AC Power Supply (Spare) Add
WS-X4008-DC Catalyst 4000 DC Power Supply Add
WS-X4008-DC-650W Catalyst4000650WDCPowerSupply(Spare) Add
WS-X4008/2 Catalyst 4000 Dual AC Power Supply Option Add
WS-X4012 Catalyst 4000 Supervsr. I,Console(DB-25)/ Mgt.(RJ-45)(spare) Add
WS-X4013 Catalyst 4000 Supervisor II, Console(RJ45),Mgt.(RJ45) Add
WS-X4014 Catalyst 4000 Supervisor III (2 GE) Add
WS-X4019 Catalyst 4006 Backplane Channel Module Add
WS-X4095-PEM Catalyst 4006 DC Power Entry Module (Spare) Add
WS-X4098 Catalyst 4006 Rack Mount Kit (Spare) Add
WS-X4099 Catalyst 4000 Rack Mount Kit (Spare) Add
WS-X4124-FX-MT Catalyst 4500 FE Switching Module, 24- 100FX (MTRJ) Add
WS-X4148-FX-MT Catalyst 4500 FE Switching Module, 48-100FX MMF(MTRJ) Add
WS-X4148-RJ Catalyst 4500 10/100 Auto Module, 48-Ports (RJ-45) Add
WS-X4148-RJ21 Catalyst 4500 10/100 Module, 48-Ports Telco (4xRJ21) Add
WS-X4148-RJ45V Catalyst 4500 prestandard PoE 10/100, 48-Ports (RJ45) Add
WS-X4232-GB-RJ Catalyst 4500 32-10/100 (RJ-45),2-GE(GBIC) Add
WS-X4232-L3 Catalyst 4000 E/FE/GE L3 Module, 2-GE(GBIC),32-10/100 Add
WS-X4232-RJ-XX Catalyst 4500 10/100 Module,32-ports(RJ45)+Modular uplinks Add
WS-X4306-GB Catalyst 4500 Gigabit Ethernet Module, 6-Ports (GBIC) Add
WS-X4412-2GB-T GE Switch Module, 12- 1000T(RJ45)+2- 1000X (GBIC Slot) Add
WS-X4418-GB Cisco Catalyst 4500 GE Module, Server Switching 18-Ports (GBIC) Add
WS-X4424-GB-RJ45 Catalyst 4500 24-port 10/100/1000 Module (RJ45) Add
WS-X4448-GB-LX Catalyst 4500 48-Port 1000Base-LX, SFP incl. Add
WS-X4604-GWY Catalyst 4000 Access Gateway Module with IP/FW software Add
WS-X4608 Catalyst 4603 Redundant Power Supply Unit for WS-P4603 Add