Cisco 5500 Series Memory

Multiple options exist for customers who want to add memory to a router in the Cisco 5500 Series switches. Although there are only a few of these switches available, they remain a reliable choice and adding memory can extend the lives of these switches for several years. Saving money by adding memory is often the best alternative to migrating to a newer, more expensive networking solultion.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
MEM-C5K-128M-UPGD Catalyst 5000 128MB upgrade for RSFC Add
MEM-C5K-16M Catalyst 5000 Release 2.2 16MB Memory Upgrade (spare) Add
MEM-C5K-NAM-UPGD C5000/5500 Network Analysis Module 128 MB DRAM upgrade Add
MEM-C5K-SUP2-UPGD Supervisor II 32MB DRAM uprgrade kit (spare) Add
MEM-C5K-SUP3-UPGD C5000 Supervisor Engine III 64MB DRAM upgrade kit (spare) Add
MEM-RSM-128M Catalyst 5000 RSM 128 MB DRAM (option) Add
MEM-RSM-32M Catalyst 5000 RSM 32 MB DRAM (default) Add
MEM-RSM-64M Catalyst 5000 RSM 64 MB DRAM (option) Add
MEM-RSM-FLC16M Catalyst 5000 RSM Flash Credit Card: 16 MB (default) Add
MEM-RSM-FLC20M Catalyst 5000 RSM Flash Credit Card: 20MB (option) Add
MEM-S3-FLC16M Supervisor III PCMCIA Flash Memory Card. 16MB Option Add
MEM-S3-FLC20M Supervisor III PCMCIA Flash Memory Card. 20MB Option Add
MEM-S3-FLC8M Supervisor III PCMCIA Flash Memory Card. 8MB Option Add
WS-X5509-BOOT Catalyst 5XXX Supervisor Engine II Boot ROM Kit (spare) Add
WS-X5530-BOOT Catalyst 5XXX Supervisor Engine III Boot ROM Kit (spare) Add

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