Cisco VG200 Series IP Telephony

Pre-owned Cisco IP Telephony can allow you to support existing traditional analog devices and take advantage of the many capabilities of unified communications while minimizing expenses. The VG200 Series, new or refurbished, provides high-density gateways for centralized deployments of fax machines, modems, voicemail systems, and analog phones. This series also provides low-density distributed deployments of the same analog devices. If you'd like to know more about how MULTI-LINK can help you save money with the VG200 series, contact us .

Product ID Description Add to Quote
MEMVG200-32D 32 MB DRAM DIMM for the Cisco VG200 Add
VG204 Cisco VG204 Analog Voice Gateway Add
VG224 24 Port Voice over IP analog phone gateway Add
VG248 48 Port Voice over IP analog phone gateway Add