Cisco Lightstream Series Switches

Cisco's LightStream line of powerful backbone ATM switches are for local and wide area networks which have premises capabilities in both ATM and fast packet switching designed to handle frame relay, LAN and legacy traffic interfaces. LightStream ATM Series switches and insert modules are available pre-owned, used & refurbished through MULTI-LINK. Contact us for quotes on pre-owned as well as new surplus Cisco switches.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
C85MS-1DS3-FRBNC C8500 1-port Channelized DS3 Frame-relay PAM Add
C85MS-4E1-FRRJ48 C8500 4-port E1 Frame-Relay PAM Add
C85MS-8E1-IMA-120 C8500MSR/LS1010 8-port E1 120 ohm IMA PAM Add
C85MS-8T1-IMA C8500MSR/LS1010 8-port TI IMA PAM Add
C85MS-ATM25-4P 4-port ATM 25 PAM - note C8510/LS1010 only Add
L1010-ASP-C-FC1 ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Class Queuing - Spare Add
L1010-ASP-C-FCPFQ ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Flow Queuing Add
L1010-CHAS5 LightStream 1010 Chassis Add
L1010-PWR-AC LightStream 1010 AC Power Supply Add
L1010-PWR-DC LightStream 1010 DC Power Supply Add
WAI-E1-4BNC 4 Port E1 (ATM) BNC PAM Add
WAI-E1-4RJ48 4 Port E1 (ATM) RJ-48 PAM Add
WAI-E1C-4BNC 4 Port E1 (circuit emulation) BNC PAM Add
WAI-E1C-4RJ48 4 Port E1 (circuit emulation) RJ-48 PAM Add
WAI-E3-4BNC 4 Port E3 BNC PAM Add
WAI-OC12-1MM 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c MMF PAM Add
WAI-OC12-1SS 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c SMF-IR PAM Add
WAI-OC12-1SSLR 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c SMF-LR PAM Add
WAI-OC3-1S3M OC-3c/STM-1 Mix PAM, 1-port SMF-IR + 3-port MMF Add
WAI-OC3-4MM 4 Port OC-3c/STM-1 MMF PAM Add
WAI-OC3-4SS 4 Port OC-3c/STM-1 SMF-IR PAM Add
WAI-OC3-4SSLR 4-port OC-3c/STM-1 SMF-LR PAM Add
WAI-OC3-4U5 4 Port STS-3c/STM-1 UTP-5 PAM Add
WAI-T1-4RJ48 4 Port T1 (ATM) RJ-48 PAM Add
WAI-T1C-4RJ48 4 Port T1 (circuit emulation) RJ-48 PAM Add
WAI-T3-4BNC 4 Port DS-3 PAM Add
WATM-CAM-2P LightStream 1010/C5500 Carrier Module (installed) Add