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Benefits of Renting/Leasing

Save money and upgrade easily by renting or leasing. Maximize efficiency and flexibility while also reducing initial investment costs by opting to rent or lease your equipment from us.

When to Rent:
When you need ready, reliable equipment on a short-term basis, a rental agreement with MULTI-LINK can provide a cost-effective temporary solution that will see you through immediate term initiatives like training, testing, relocation management and disaster recovery operations. Typical rental agreements can last up to a year, but the ideal rental duration is usually measured in terms of weeks or months.

When to Lease:
There are several benefits of leasing networking equipment from MULTI-LINK. Leasing is typically the best option when you need networking equipment for anywhere from a number of months up to five years. The main advantage of leasing is capital conservation. By minimizing down payments and locking in a fixed equipment cost, you limit up front financial exposure and reduce the risk of becoming tied to an outdated or under-performing system.