Call Us In A Crisis!

We'll tap our international connections and exhaust every avenue on your behalf to help provide speedy resolution to your networking equipment emergencies. details

Let MULTI-LINK Help Manage your Re-Investment Strategy

Our commitment to helping you control networking costs extends beyond supplying competitively priced equipment. We're there when it comes time to de-install your equipment as well. Whether or not you purchase new or refurbished hardware from us, or whether you ever have in the past, we're happy to help you recoup investment expenses by purchasing your used and surplus equipment. And if we don't need it, we can still help you find a buyer through our consignment program. Some customers save thousands of dollars by looking to MULTI-LINK for equipment acquisition and then selling the same equipment back to us when they're ready.

No Purchase Necessary
We'll buy from you, even when you don't buy from us. Our product acquisition and consignment programs provide an avenue to effectively reduce new product costs by securing value for your surplus and offline equipment. And we'll make it easy. Our team can coordinate de-installation, packing and shipping of your equipment, as we have for major manufacturers, out-sourcing companies and end-users, worldwide. Let MULTI-LINK purchase your surplus networking equipment and help you recapture investment cost.

One Component or an Entire Network
A little or a lot, it doesn't matter to us. We regularly purchase everything from excess spares, such as individual modules, to entire networks. Opt for cash or trade-in credit on any component we sell. Clear out offline equipment our sell off an entire network in preparation for an upgrade.

Trade-ins & Upgrades
Effectively reduce the initial investment associated with a network upgrade by trading in your used hardware, even if some components are now obsolete. The value of your surplus equipment can equate to additional upgrade options you didn't know you could afford.

Consignment & Target-Marketing
Let's face it - we simply can't buy it all. That said, our goal is to help all of our customers, regardless of the equipment's obsolescence or limited salability. In some situations, our consignment programs and aggressive marketing campaigns offer the best possible solution. Drawing on our extensive database or networks worldwide, we target market your surplus equipment to an international audience of decision makers - those people with potential needs and, more importantly, the immediate ability to act on an opportunity.