Cisco SPA Series IP Telephony

MULTI-LINK offers new and refurbished models within the full-featured Cisco SPA IP telephony series. Designed to simplify communications, the SPA IP phones offer low cost voice and data communications for on-site and remote employees. With support for Bluetooth on the SPA500 series models, all models support a variety of business-critical features including encryption for enhanced security, and wideband audio for voice clarity and speaker quality. Advanced features include color displays, support for Wi-Fi, and the ability to view photos and playback MP3 files. Ideal for any business environment from the manufacturing floor to executive offices, choose from a single line to eight lines, the SPA IP phones ensure communication remains simple, clear, and secure. To learn more about how the Cisco SPA telephony series can streamline communications and reduce operational costs, Contact us for additional details!

Product ID Description Add to Quote
SPA112 Cisco 2 Port Phone Adapter Add
SPA122 Cisco ATA with Router Add
SPA2102-NA Cisco Small Business Pro SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router - VoIP phone adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet Add
SPA301 Cisco SPA 301 1-Line IP Phone Add
SPA302D Cisco SPA302D Multi-line DECT Handset Add
SPA302DKIT Cisco SPA302DKIT Multi-line DECT Handset with Base Station Add
SPA303 Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone Add
SPA500-HANDSET Cisco handset for SPA5xx Phones, spare Add
SPA500DS Cisco Cisco SPA500DS Digital Expansion Module Add
SPA500S Cisco Small Business Pro SPA500S 32-Button Attendant Console expansion module Add
SPA501G Cisco SPA501G 8-Line IP Phone with 2-Port Switch, PoE Add
SPA502G Cisco 1 Line IP Phone With Display, PoE, PC Port Add
SPA504G Cisco Small Business SPA 504G - VoIP phone - SIP, SIP v2, SPCP - 4 lines - silver, dark gray Add
SPA508G Cisco 8 Line IP Phone With Display, PoE and PC Port Add
SPA509G Cisco SPA509G 12-line IP Phone with Programmable Keys Add
SPA512G Cisco 1-Line IP Phone with 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, PoE, and LCD Display Add
SPA514G Cisco 4 Line IP Phone with Gigabit Ethernet Ports Add
SPA525G Cisco Small Business Pro SPA525G Add
SPA525G2 Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line IP Phone Add
SPA8000 Cisco SPA8000 8-Port Telephony Gateway Add
SPA8800 Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway with 4 FXS and 4 FXO Ports Add
SPA901 Cisco 1-Line IP Telephone Add
SPA921 Cisco 1-Line IP Telephone with 1-Port Ethernet, Display Add
SPA922 Cisco-Linksys SPA922 1-line IP Phone with 2-port Switch Add
SPA932 Cisco 32 Button Attendant Console for the SPA962 IP Phone Add
SPA941 Cisco SPA941 4-line IP Phone with 1-port Ethernet Add
SPA942 Cisco SPA942 4-Line IP Phone with 2-Port Switch Add
SPA962 Cisco 6-Line IP Telephone with 2-Port Switch, PoE and Display Add