Turn to MULTI-LINK in an Emergency

Ironically, many of our loyal customers first came to us in a crisis. They realized their regular company couldn't, or wouldn't, help them in an emergency situation and they turned to us. We're better able to help you manage a crisis for a variety of reasons:

  • Large Inventory - Our commitment to maintaining a large inventory ensures greater product access to fulfill your most diverse requirements. More >
  • Partnerships - Our partnerships with international distribution partners all over the globe will help us locate hard-to-find equipment and can reduce shipping costs if you need equipment in another country. More >
  • Shipping - Thanks to our extensive inventory and secondary market resources, we can locate your needed item quickly and ship it right away. In addition, our west coast location allows us the latest possible pick up from all of our reliable shipping partners. More >
  • Worldwide - Getting equipment to remote locations is our specialty, and our knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the exporting of networking equipment will ensure the speediest worldwide delivery. More >

When the dust settles and a network catastrophe is narrowly avoided, it's our ability to "get it done," that you'll remember most.