Cisco Memory

We can provide virtually every memory option available throughout Cisco's various product families. MULTI-LINK offers both Cisco-Approved (guaranteed for SMARTnet) and non-Approved (guaranteed compatible) Memory products as well as a wide selection of other refurbished and new surplus Cisco products . Contact Us directly if you'd like more information about our new or pre-owned Cisco hardware or simply add the product to your quote cart.

10000 Series

We carry several memory products for the high capacity Layer 3 Cisco 10000 Edge Services Router (ESR). Ideal for use in a telecommunications central office environment, this router utilizes low-speed circuits to connect to large numbers of subscribers. Additional memory increases the performance and capacity of this already impressive series of routers.More >

12000 Series

With nine different models in this series, the Cisco 12000 Series routers rapidly deploy new services, giving businesses the flexibility and investment protection needed. Adding memory to your 12000 series router can reduce your operating expenses and protect your investment even further. More >

1600 Series

The Cisco 1600 series routers may be obsolete, but you can extend the life of one of these reliable routers by adding memory. Increasing memory can enhance the performance and flexibility of a router while lowering both operational and investment expenses. Don't upgrade simply because you need more memory. More >

1700 Series

Although it's been around a while, the Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Router still delivers secure and reliable network access. Increasing the memory of a 1700 Series router can extend the life of your existing module and enhance important features like stateful firewall protection, intrusion detection, and wire-speed IP Security VPN. More >

1800 Series

Additional memory components are a cost-effective way to provide additional flexibility and functionality to the Cisco 1800 series of integrated services routers. Ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices, this award-winning series assist in reducing costs by deploying a unified, resilient system for a wide range of mission-critical services. With steady or limited growth projections, adding memory can be a superior, more affordable option than upgrading. More >

1900 Series

Investment protection is important and the Cisco 1900 series of Integrated Services Routers does this by supporting the majority of existing WICs and HWICs. With the addition of memory, your Cisco 1900 ISR can more efficiently increase flexibility and reduce deployment costs. The 1900 series integrated services routers use Advanced Capability CompactFlash (CF) external memory to store the system image, configuration files, and some software data files. CF supports True IDE mode and Multi-Word DMA mode. More >

2500 Series

The Cisco 2500 series is a multiprotocol router platform that contain five types of memory: primary memory, shared memory, system-code memory, Boot ROM memory, and NVRAM. Adding additional memory to your 2500 series router can enhance your network's performance, and in return, company's productivity. More >

2600 Series

The memory in the Cisco 2600 router series is used in various forms for several storage purposes such as to store the operating system (Cisco IOS software), the configuration, the bootstrap, packets, and so forth. Various kinds of memory exist on the 2600 platforms such as Flash, Dynamic RAM (DRAM), nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM), and BootROM. The addition of memory to a 2600 series router can reduce costs and extend the life of your entire system.More >

2800 Series

The Cisco 2800 Series offers up to twice the default memory of the Cisco 2600XM multiservice access routers, but adding additional memory can greatly enhance performance on any of these already highly efficient router series modules. Routers in the 2800 series are designed to deliver multiple concurrent services at wire-speed performance up to multiple T1/E1/xDSL speeds. More >

2900 Series

The Cisco 2900 series integrated services routers use Advanced Capability CompactFlash (CF) external memory to store the system image, configuration files, and some software data files. CF supports True IDE mode and Multi-Word DMA mode. Routers in this series are energy-efficient, high-performing, and an ideal choice for consumers who want to protect their investment.More >

3600 Series

The highly-efficient Cisco 3600 series routers support tfour types of memory: EPROM-based memory, Flash memory, NVRAM, and DRAM or SDRAM. The 3600 Series is a series of modular access routers with LAN and WAN connections that can be configured by means of interchangeable modules and WAN interface cards. With over 70 modular interface options, Cisco 3600 series routers provide solutions for data, voice, video, hybrid dial access, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and multiprotocol data routing. More >

3700 Series

The Cisco 3700 Series Multiservice Access Routers are a family of modular routers that enable flexible and scalable deployment of new e-business applications for the Full Service Branch (FSB) office. Although not a particularly popular series of routers, the modules in this series tend to be highly reliable. Additional memory components and increase reliability and functionality even more.More >

3800 Series

If you already own one of the award-winning Cisco 3800 Series integrated services routers, you may be reluctant to migrate to a newer model. Adding memory to an existing router helps to ensure that your router continues to enable you to simplify deployment and management, lower the costs and complexities of your network, and support mission-critical business applications. Wire speed delivery of voice, data, video, security, and wireless features are improved with the memory components. More >

3900 Series

Incredibly energy-efficient, the Cisco 3900 routers offer significant performance improvements over previous-generation ISRs. Add memory to your 3900 series router and see improvement in performance. Investment protection is key to lowering deployment costs, so don't upgrade unless you need to. More >

4500 Series

With both DRAM and Compact Flash memory options for the Cisco 4500 series switches, you have the option of increasing reliability and performance without the expense of an upgrade. These switches provide the investment protection and simplified management one would expect from industry-leader Cisco Systems.More >

5500 Series

Multiple options exist for customers who want to add memory to a router in the Cisco 5500 Series switches. Although there are only a few of these switches available, they remain a reliable choice and adding memory can extend the lives of these switches for several years. Saving money by adding memory is often the best alternative to migrating to a newer, more expensive networking solultion.More >

6500 Series

One of the most popular switches Cisco has ever manufactured, the Cisco 6500 series switches continue to remain a favorite. No need to upgrade to a newer component when adding memory to your switch will enhance scalability and extend the life of this high-performance switch for years to come.More >

7200 Series

The Cisco 7200 router series is the most widely deployed universal services aggregation router for enterprise and service provider edge applications. These routers retain value because they offer up to 16,000 PPP sessions per chassis of broadband aggregation. Multiple memory options exist for this series. Taking advantage of upgrading memory can save money while still keeping this high-performance router working hard for your business.More >

7300 Series

With a robust set of customer edge features, the Cisco 7300 series routers can provide even more business-critical services when memory is enhanced. Optimized for flexible, feature rich IP/MPLS services at the network edge, where service providers and enterprises link together, these routers are some of the most widely used around the world.More >

7500 Series

The high-performance Cisco 7500 Series Router remains a market leader due to its breadth of advanced support for LAN/WAN services, redundancy, reliability, and performance. Additional memory can enhance these features. Although Cisco no longer manufactures this router, there is no reason to migrate to a more expensive router when memory can extend the life of this reliable option.More >

7600 Series

The Cisco 7600 Series is the industry's first carrier-class edge router to offer integrated, high-density Ethernet switching, carrier-class IP/MPLS routing, and 10-Gbps interfaces. Adding memory can reduce expenses by extending the life of this router that helps enable service providers to deliver both consumer and business services over a single converged Carrier Ethernet network. More >

800 Series

The award-winning Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers deliver integrated services like security, wireless, and data at broadband speeds to small offices and teleworkers, or to service providers to deploy as part of their managed network services. Memory components available for the Cisco 800 series are numerous. Finding the right one to fit your needs is quick and easy.More >

8500 Series

The Cisco Catalyst 8500 is a Layer 3-enhanced ATM switch that delivers campus and metropolitan network solutions with scalable performance, lower cost of ownership, and intranet-based application features to deliver increased business productivity. You can lower operating costs further by turning to Cisco Memory components to extend the life of your 8500 series switch.More >

AS5300 Series

The AS5300 is one of Cisco's award winning AS5x00 family of universal access servers. Although the AS5300 raises the bar for performance in high-traffic, real world environments by providing the ability to terminate ISDN, 56K Analog Modem, fax, and VoIP calls on the same interface, additional memory can be added to enhance its wide range of benefits. Upgrade today and save money.More >

AS5350 Series

Upgrading memory on the Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway enhances this high performing access server's ability to provide universal port data, voice, and fax services on any port at any time. The Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway offers high performance and high reliability in a compact, modular design. This cost-effective platform is ideally suited for Internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprise companies that require innovative universal services. Additional memory is a cost-effective alternative to buying or leasing a newer model.More >

AS5400 Series

Maintain the benefits of your existing Cisco AS5400 Series Universal Gateway AS5400 Access Server by adding memory instead of upgrading. These access servers offer unparalleled capacity in only two rack units and provide universal port data, voice, and fax services on any port at any time.More >

AS5400HPX Series

Cisco's AS5400HPX Universal Gateway 2 rack unit provides enhanced performance for processor-intensive voice and fax applications. Ideal for many network deployment architectures, this cost effective platform is an even better investment pre-owned. A pre-owned AS5400HPX Universal Gateway 2 rack unit is perfect for co-location environments and mega points of presence. MULTI-LINK offers a wide range of Cisco Access Servers including models in the AS5400HPX Series. If you don't see the item you need on our site, it may be part of new surplus not yet listed.More >

ASA 5500 Series

The Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances are a core component of Cisco Borderless Networks. Additional memory will help these appliances better render firewall services, context-aware firewall capabilities, effective remote access, secure communication services, and real-time threat defense. Don't waste valuable resources upgrading when you can simply add memory to enhance your security. More >

CSS Series

The Cisco CSS Series Content Services Switch is the premiere switch for the Cisco Web Network Services Software. Adding memory will cost-effectively help to ensure availability, reduce latency, optimize utilization, enhance security, and increase scalability for Websites, server farms, cache clusters, and firewall systemsMore >

MC3810 Series

Adding memory to your Cisco MC3810 is cost-effective and lowers overall ownership costs. Voice over IP (VoIP) enables a Cisco MC3810 concentrator to carry voice traffic over an IP network. Enhance your network without spending needlessly by buying one of our memory components.More >

PIX Series

Although Cisco PIX Security Appliance customers are encouraged to migrate to Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances, adding memory can extend the life of your PIX security appliance for years. This series offers robust firewall and IPsec VPN capabilities, as well as many additional benefits.More >

Wide Area Application Services

The Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Network Modules (NME) for Cisco Integrated Services routers (ISR) are powerful, offering application acceleration. Increase performance while still lowering costs by purchasing a memory component to give your WAAS the boost it needs to evolve with demands. Cisco WAAS allows customers to consolidate costly branch-office servers and storage within data centers and deploy new applications centrally while still offering near-LAN performance for remote users. Cisco WAAS offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for branch-office and data center deployments, ease of integration through network transparency, reliable voice and data interoperability, and greater overall security.More >