Cisco Power Options Wireless

If you're looking for new surplus or used Cisco Aironet power supplies and injectors, MUTLI-LINK can save you time and money. Choose from our extensive stock of Cisco wireless power options below, or contact us by phone or email.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
AIR-CORD-R3P-40NA 1520 Series AC Power Cord, 40 ft. N, Amer Plug Add
AIR-CORD1500-15NA Aironet 1500 AC Power Cord, 15 ft. N, Amer Add
AIR-CORD1500-40NA Aironet 1500 AC Power Cord, 40 ft. N, Amer Add
AIR-CORD1500-40UE Aironet 1500 AC Power Cord, 40 ft. unterm, EU Harmonized Add
AIR-PWR-4400-AC 4400 Series WLAN Controller AC Power Supply (redundant) Add
AIR-PWR-5500-AC Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller Redundant Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-A Pwr Sply In:100-240VAC Out:48VDC 380mA-1100,1130AG,1200,1300 Add
AIR-PWR-B Power Sply:100-240 VAC,Out:48VDC,380 mA:1130,1140,1240,1300 Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-AR AIR Line Cord Argentina/Uraguay Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-AU AIR Line Cord Australia Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-CE AIR Line Cord Central Europe Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-CH AIR Line Cord China Main Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-DM AIR Line Cord Denmark Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-IS AIR Line Cord Israel Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-IT AIR Line Cord Italy Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-JP AIR Line Cord Japan Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-NA AIR Line Cord North American Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-SA AIR Line Cord South Africa/India Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-SW AIR Line Cord Switzerland Spare Add
AIR-PWR-CORD-UK AIR Line Cord United Kingdom Spare Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AP AIR Line Cord APAC/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AR AIR Line Cord Argentina/Uraguay/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AU AIR Line Cord Australia/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-CE AIR Line Cord Central Europe/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-CH AIR Line Cord China Main/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-DM AIR Line Cord Denmark/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-IS AIR Line Cord Israel/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-IT AIR Line Cord Italy/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-JP AIR Line Cord Japan/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-NA AIR Line Cord North America/Domestic Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-SA AIR Line Cord South Africa/India/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-SW AIR Line Cord Switzerland/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY-UK AIR Line Cord United Kingdom/Universal Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR-SPLY1 Power Supply - 1250 Series; Spare Add
AIR-PWR-ST-LT-R3P 1520 Series Street Light Power Tap, 4 ft. Add
AIR-PWR-ST-LT-TAP Aironet 1500 Street Light Power Tap, 105-260 VAC Add
AIR-PWR1200 1200 Platform 110-220V Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR1400 Aironet 1400 Series Power Supply Add
AIR-PWR1783 350 WorkGroup Bridge 110V Only Power Supply- Spare Add
AIR-PWR1793 350 WorkGroup Bridge110-220 V Power Supply- Spare Add
AIR-PWR1995 110V Power Supply Spare for Bridge Add
AIR-PWR2124-002 340 BR 110/220V Power Supply Spare for Bridge, no line cord Add
AIR-PWR3535-001 Standard Power Supply for UC/MC Add
AIR-PWR3706-STD Universal Power Supply for UC/MC Add
AIR-PWR4852 340 AP 110V Power Supply- Spare Add
AIR-PWR4855 340 AP 110-220V Power Supply Add
AIR-PWRINJ 350 Single Port Power Injector Add
AIR-PWRINJ-BLR1 Aironet 1400 Bridge Power Injector - LR Add
AIR-PWRINJ-FIB Power Injector Media Converter 1100, 1130AG, 1200,1230AG,521 Add
AIR-PWRINJ1500 Aironet 1500 Power Injector Add
AIR-PWRINJ1500-2 1520 Series Power Injector Add
AIR-PWRINJ2 Power Injector for 1100, 1200 Series Add
AIR-PWRINJ3 Power Injector for 1100, 1130AG, 1200 1230AG, 1240AG, 521 Add
AIR-PWRINJ4 Power Injector - 1250 Series; Spare Add
AIR-PWRINJ5 Power Injector (802.3af) for AP 1600, 2600 and 3600 w/o mod Add
AIR-PWRINJ6 Cisco Power Injector (802.3at) for Aironet Access Points Add