Cisco SOHO Series Routers

Cisco's SOHO Series routers provide affordable, secure, multi-user access (with a single DSL or Cable connection) for small office and home office environments. Built with Cisco IOS software, these dual Ethernet ADSL, ADSL over ISDN, & G.SHDSL routers offer proven manageability and reliability, while reducing deployment and operational costs for service providers and network managers. Other features include Internet security with firewall protection and an easy set up and deployment with Web-based configuration tool.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
CISCOSOHO71 Cisco SOHO 71, 1E, 4E hub, stateful firewall Add
CISCOSOHO76 Cisco SOHO 76 ADSL over ISDN Router Add
CISCOSOHO76-50 Cisco SOHO 76, 50 pack item- order qty50, order docs sep, Add
CISCOSOHO77 Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router Eval unit Add
CISCOSOHO77-50 Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL router Add
CISCOSOHO77H Cisco SOHO 77H ADSL router Add
CISCOSOHO78 Cisco SOHO 78 G.SHDSL router Add
CISCOSOHO78-50 Cisco SOHO 78 G.SHDSL router 50Pack Add
CISCOSOHO91-K9 Cisco SOHO 91 Ethernet Router Add
CISCOSOHO91-K9-64 Cisco SOHO 91 Ethernet Router-64MB Add
CISCOSOHO96-K9 Cisco SOHO 96 ADSL over ISDN Router Add
CISCOSOHO96-K9-64 Cisco SOHO 96 ADSL over ISDN Router-64MB Add
CISCOSOHO97-K9 Cisco SOHO 97 ADSL Router Add
CISCOSOHO97-K9-64 Cisco SOHO 97 ADSL Router-64MB Add