Cisco 10000 Series Memory

We carry several memory products for the high capacity Layer 3 Cisco 10000 Edge Services Router (ESR). Ideal for use in a telecommunications central office environment, this router utilizes low-speed circuits to connect to large numbers of subscribers. Additional memory increases the performance and capacity of this already impressive series of routers.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
10000-PREMEMFD64 Cisco 10000 PRE 64MB Flash Disk (default on PRE2) Add
ESR-PRE-CF-1GB C10000 PRE Compact Flash Memory 1GB Add
ESR-PRE-CF-512MB C10000 PRE Compact Flash Memory 512MB Add
ESR-PRE-MEM-512M C10000 PRE 512M DRAM Add
ESR-PRE-MEM-FD128 C10000 PRE 128M Flash Disk option Add
ESR-PRE-MEM-FD1G C10000 PRE 1GB Flash Disk Add
ESR-PRE-MEM-FD48 C10000 PRE 48M Flash Disk (default) Add
MEM-10K-CPTFL1G C10000 PRE 1GB Compact Flash Add
MEM-10K-CPTFL512M 10000 Series - 512M Compact Flash Memory Add