Cisco 12000 Series Memory

With nine different models in this series, the Cisco 12000 Series routers rapidly deploy new services, giving businesses the flexibility and investment protection needed. Adding memory to your 12000 series router can reduce your operating expenses and protect your investment even further.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
2MEM-PRP-1G Cisco 12000 Series 2x1GB SDRAM Add
2MEM-PRP2-1G Cisco 12000 Series 2x1GB SDRAM for PRP-2 Add
FLASH-PRP2-1G Cisco 12000 PRP-2 1G Flash Memory Option Add
HD-PRP2-40G Cisco 12000 PRP-2 40G Hard Drive Add
MEM-12KRP-FD128M Cisco 12000 Series 128MB PCMCIA ATA Flash Disk Add
MEM-12KRP-FD64M Cisco 12000 Series 64MB PCMCIA ATA Flash Disk Add
MEM-DFT-GRP/LC-128 Default 128MB GRP and L.C. Program/Route Memory (1x128MB) Add
MEM-GRP-256 256MB Route Memory FOR GRP-B ONLY (1x256MB) Add
MEM-GRP-512 512MB Route Memory FOR GRP-B ONLY (2x256MB) Add
MEM-GRP-FL20 20MB PCMCIA Flash Memory Add
MEM-GRP/LC-128 128MB GRP and L.C. Upgrade Kit (1x128MB) Add
MEM-GRP/LC-256 256MB GRP and L.C. Program/Route Memory (2x128MB) Add
MEM-LC-ISE-512 512 Memory Upgrade for ISE line card Add
MEM-LC-PKT-128 Line Card Buffer Memory,64MB/64MB (Tx/Rx) Add
MEM-LC1-PKT-256 Line Card Buffer Memory,128MB/128MB (Tx/Rx) Add
MEM-LC4-512 512 MB (1X512MB) SDRAM route memory Add
MEM-PKT-512-UPG Line Card Buffer Memory,256MB/256MB (Tx/Rx) Add
MEM-PRP-1G Cisco 12000 Series 1x1G SDRAM Add
MEM-PRP-512M Cisco 12000 Series 1x512M SDRAM Add
MEM-PRP2-1G Cisco 12000 PRP-2 1Gig DRAM Default Option Add
MEM-PRP2-2G Cisco 12000 PRP-2 2Gig DRAM Option Add
MEM-PRP2-4G Cisco 12000 PRP-2 4Gig DRAM Option Add
MEM-SIP-400-512 512MB DIMM for 12000-SIP-400 Cards Add
XR-2PK-MEM-PRP2 Cisco XR 12000 RP Memory Upgrade Kit Add