Cisco 1900 Series Switches

The Cisco 1900 Series switches are available in Standard and Enterprise editions. They provide Cisco end-to-end network integration at an exceptionally affordable price. Contact us at MULTI-LINK to learn more about discounts we offer on the Cisco Catalyst 1900 Series as well as new surplus and refurbished switches along all Cisco model lines.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
STK-RACKMOUNT-1RU Rack Mount Kit for 1RU Catalyst 1900,2900XL,3500XL / FastHub Add
WS-C1912-A 12 Port 10BaseT Switch w/2 100BaseTX Ports;Ent Ed Upgradable Add
WS-C1912-EN 12 Port 10MB Switch 2 100BaseTX Ports, ISL,CGMP,RMON Add
WS-C1912C-A 12 Port 10BaseTSwitch w/1 100BaseTX;1 100BaseFX;Ent Ed Upgdradable Add
WS-C1912C-EN 12 Port 10Mb Switch 1 100TX, 1 100 FX Port, ISL,CGMP,RMON Add
WS-C1924-A 24 Port 10Mb Switch W/2 100BaseTX Ports; Ent Ed Upgradable Add
WS-C1924-EN 24 Port 10Mb Switch, 2 100BaseTX Ports, ISL,CGMP,RMON Add
WS-C1924-EN-DC Catalyst 1900 Enterprise Edition, 24 10BT, 2 TX, DC power Add
WS-C1924C-A 24 Port 10Mb Switch w/1 100BaseTX, 1 100 Base FX;Ent Ed Upgd Add
WS-C1924C-EN 24 Port 10Mb Switch, 1 100 TX, 1 100 FX Port,ISL,CGMP,RMON Add
WS-C1924F-A Catalyst 1900 Std Edition with 24 10BT, 2 100BaseFX ports Add
WS-C1924F-EN Catalyst 1900 Ent Edition with 24 10BT, 2 100BaseFX ports Add